Client Testimonials

Some Testimonies Of People That Have Used Our Products & Services:

"I have invested and lost lots of money in so many business opportunities and schemes in the past. So, I had a lot of doubts about the genuineness of this Trade Exchange opportunity but still took a chance because of my husband’s encouragement. In less than one week of launching my Trade Exchange business, I have made $175,000 from the license fees paid by new licensees under my Trade Exchange business. I am just excited about what the future holds and the great dreams I can accomplish via this Trade Exchange business. I cannot thank you enough for this awesome opportunity."

Mary P–Pennsylvania, USA

"I was referred by a friend and honestly, I wasn’t seeing how it could be possible to earn a dime since I had no knowledge about this business. The short story is; this manufacturers’ trade exchange business is the bomb. $150,000 within 30 days is not something anyone should come by this easily – but I have."

Brian David.

"I always wanted an opportunity to switch my career from a 9 to 5 desk job and become involved in the trade exchange business. However, without any prior experience of the trade exchange market, I didn’t know how to start. One day, I received your trade exchange offer via email. It looked too good to be true; so I never answered. However, when my best friend told me that she had received a wire transfer of $85,000 in her first week and was expecting another $195,000 in the next week, I was convinced that this trade exchange business was the real deal. It has been two weeks since I started and I’ve already made $58,500. I would certainly recommend this platform to ANYONE!"

Joseph Kallan

"My financial adviser told me to avoid forex trading – I should have listened. I messed up financially and was in a rut. I also lost capital in internet marketing with phony companies. On top of that I lost money in financing startups. My friend told me about the Trade Exchange licensing business. First off, I was able to make money within the first week of our business relationship. The best things about Trade Exchange is their professionalism and customer service. They provided me with the sales, support and technical staff to do 100% of the work in my business – awesome! If you are on the fence about investing in this business – do it! You won’t be disappointed."

Jennifer Brad.

"I am not sure if it’s appropriate to name figures but I’m unable to contain my excitement after earning over $275,000 in the first month of starting the manufacturers’ trade exchange business!! There was no cold calling, no talking to people on the phone, no face to face meeting and no spamming. I will keep doing this. Please keep it up and thank you for the opportunity to change my life."

Josephine K.

"I must admit that I hardly write reviews but this time, I would feel like an ingrate if I don’t applaud this business for the great work. 100% of the work involved in the business is done for me. It is a part - time, home - based business, where only 30 minutes of work per week is required on my part. Awesome, I must say."

George M.

"I was able to generate $48,000 within two days of starting my TRADE EXCHANGE business."

Dave Schamroth.

"We generated $950,000 in only one month of starting our Trade Exchange business."

Melina Cervelli.

I made $450,000 in 6 weeks of launching the TRADE EXCHANGE business.

Kate Bastol.

Words can’t express my gratitude for your help. Our aluminum business generated more than $250,000 in just a month. Thanks again for providing this platform.

Etang Chris–Downey, California

If you are looking to make more profit from your business, I highly recommend this service. I am a realtor and was able to close real estate deals worth $920,000 in 30 days. I am impressed!

Robert Grande–Lansing, Michigan

All I can say is that this is the best opportunity my company has had to expand financially. We are into supplies of electronic equipment. So far, our business has generated over $530,000 within a month. Thank you.

Alex Goodwill–Peoria, Illinois

You guys are doing a very nice job and I felt I should drop a line of appreciation. $806,000 GENERATED IN JUST A MONTH THUS FAR! Great service!

Bill Daniels–Provo, Utah

“I have used a similar service to support my hotel business before but none have ever been as efficient as this. $120,000 generated and we’re not even at the end of the month yet! So cool!”

Emmanuel John–Arvada, Colorado

“First, thank to you my friend Dave for referring me to this service and thank you to this amazing company! I am excited about selling off all our metal scrap product and generating $1,276,000 in one month. Great! Great! Great!”

Jonathan Dave–Wilmington, North Carolina

I am Spanish doing business in USA (so pardon any grammar error here). I just want to say my experience with your service is fantastic. I am able to make $341,000 in just a month from my electronic business.

Adela Gabriel–Round Rock, Texas

“I found your services online, loved what I saw, tried it and finally here to testify. I earned $168,000 via your platform and that was within one month. I will keep doing this for sure!”

Sylvia Goodrich–Springfield, Illinois

In all honesty, I was full of doubts when I heard about your services. Thanks for the help. I earned $562,000 in just a month with the money-making opportunities available here!

Smith Donald–El Monte, California

Finding and using your service is a big achievement for my business. My laptop sales business has been able to generate over $723,000 in just a month. What else can I say? Awesome deals!

Eric Brian–Ann Arbor, Michigan

Fantastic income opportunities right here. $374,000 made in one month. Thank you.

Christian Pura–Independence, Missouri

Our experience with this service was great. We decided to use them for our commercial kitchen equipment business and we made $981,000 in just a month.

Jane Alex–Beaumont, Texas

“I just wanted to say how pleased we are that are continuing to work together and to thank you for the services you provide for our company. Your amazing income opportunities have helped us generate over $2,734,000 from our iron and steel company. We enjoy a great relationship with your team who always performs exactly is – if not better - then what they say”

Nina Chantele–Fargo, North Dakota

The thing I like most about the service I've had from trade exchange is that they are very helpful and personable - I liked them straight away. They understood my business and what I was trying to achieve. $437,000 generated in just a month. I'd definitely recommend them to others.

Antonio David–Odessa, Texas

Why did I pick Trade Exchange? Because it didn't cost a lot and I like how the business operates. I continue because I like it and it's giving me good results with over $970,000 generated in just a month.

Brian O'Leary–Columbia, Missouri

In my honest opinion, Trade Exchange is a nice platform for wealth building. I made $379,000 in just a month. Thank you so much.

Robert Brown–Evansville, Indiana

“On the Trade Exchange platform, every task was done for me. Lots of helpful information on the website, they didn’t fill my emails with spam and were honest. I made $139,000 from my dog accessories business in one month.”

Neil Daniel–Norman, Oklahoma

Trade Exchange was my choice after reading lots of good reviews from other customers. I’m proud of myself right now for making the decision to use them. $610,000 generated from my leather business in 30 days! YES!”

George Williams–Berkeley, California

Trade Exchange is a great platform which helps you make some outstanding profits. I sold homes worth $4,316,000 in just a month.

Craig Palma–Abilene, Texas

“Trade Exchange is the best income opportunity there is. The knowledge of their team it is paramount to the success of so many customers including myself. In a month, I earned $850,000 easily. Impressive!”

Warren Cattell–Victorville, California

“Trade Exchange is perfect for me because of the transparency, trust and affordability. They’re a long running business. I’ve made $257,000 with not much work on my part.”

Alice Chatham–Athens, Georgia

“Everything just felt right. No pressure, no asking personal useless stuff about what I want from life. Everything was easy - $151,000 in 30 days!”

Josephine Denis–Santa Clara, California

“My wife and I run an egg production business. Everything was going downhill until trade exchange stepped in. In a total turn around, we’ve recorded $106,000 from same business in one month.”

Steph Clark–Simi Valley, California

Thank you so much for helping me to maximize the full potentials of my business. After running with you guys for a month, I have $761,000 to show for it.

Fidelis Dave–Kent, Washington

“You guys are the best! I can’t believe how easily I made $287,000! Thanks for everything!”

Abigail Rhena–Topeka, Kansas

Let me start by saying your support team is amazing. They made everything easy for me and I was able to draw in $167,000 in one month. Thank you.

Azeez Philips–Surprise, Arizona

“So appreciative of your good works. We sold homes worth $12,963,000 in a month. Amazing experience.”

Belinda Smith–Elizabeth, New Jersey

Sold $29 million worth of steel products in 24 hours

“This is an awesome service. My company was able to sell out $29 million worth of steel products in 24 hours! From our records, this is the fastest we have ever moved product amongst any company! I highly recommend this.”

Elvira Dean–New York City

Sold properties worth $43.5 million in 24 hours

"Most realtors today would agree with me that the economic recession is affecting real estate deals but how Trade Exchange helped me sell out properties worth $43.5 million in 24 hours is something I can’t explain. Great job!"

Scottie Hitchman–LA. California

24 hours to sell out vehicles worth $113.5 million.

“Hello, I’m a car dealer and Trade Exchange has done what was promised. It took a day to sell out vehicles worth $113.5 million.”

Jim Haugh–Chicago, Illinois

Hotel fully booked 3 years in advance.

“I am recommending your services because with your help, all of our hotel accommodations for the next 3 years sold within the day. I am GRATEFUL!”

Jaimie Lagrone–Houston, Texas

sold out all our Metal Scrap products within 24 hours.

"If you are hoping to sell all your products fast, these guys rock. We sold out all our Metal Scrap products within 24 hours. I am not sure if I have had this kind of experience before."

Zola Tomas–Philadelphia

Transformers worth $43.5 million cleared in 24 hours.

"Trade Exchange wowed me beyond imagination. All transformers worth $43.5 million were cleared in 24 hours plus a fantastic customer support. I am surely recommending this."

Santana Strebel–Phoenix, Arizona

Made $27.85 million sale in one day

“I was referred to your service by a cousin after I mentioned that I was looking for a way to sell off my refrigerators and freezers. I am excited about making a $27.85 million in only a day! Thanks!”

Francisco Spears–San Antonio, Texas

Closed a $25 million property sale deal within 24 hours.

“Truth be told, I was wondering what went wrong with my business – then I found this! Closing a real estate deal became tough as I was finding it hard to get buyers. Trade Exchange stepped in and helped me close a $25 million property sales deal quickly and efficiently. Thank you so much.”

Abby Kayser–San Diego, California

$12 million business sold within 24 hours

“I rarely write reviews but you truly deserve one from me. A $12 million business got sold within 24 hours of listing it. Thanks for the help.”

Velda Senecal–Dallas, Texas

Sold out Water Heaters worth $1,489,000 in 24 hours

“If you are wondering how to sell things quickly, don’t look any further. Trade Exchange did me well! I sold out water heaters worth $1,489,000 dollars in a day through this platform. SO EXCITED!”

Jodie Keeton–San Jose, California

Sold out Laptops worth $675,000 in 24 hours

“My laptop sales business has enjoyed a MAJOR BOOST since I began with your company. I sold out laptops worth $675,000 in 24 hours through your platform. Thank you.”

Quentin Casto–Austin, Texas

Sold out Business Bags & Cases worth $525,000 in 24 hours

"I got to know about your service some months back but did not bother to try because I was skeptical. Well my first trial was a success. I sold out Business Bags & Cases worth $525,000 in 24 hours and I am really looking forward to doing more business with you."

Chastity Hynes–Jacksonville, Florida

Hotel fully booked 3 years in advance

“I am not new here but my experience gets better every day. Our hotel was fully booked in 2014, 2015, and this year but now all our rooms are fully booked until 2018. Awesome as always!”

Sanda Cosentino–San Francisco, California

Sold out Apparel, Textiles & Accessories worth $2.98 million.

“Before making a decision to use your services, I went through reviews from your clients! Glad to say they were correct! I sold out apparel, textiles & accessories worth $2.98 million.”

Felton Seaton–Indianapolis, Indiana

Found buyers for farm machinery and equipment

“Finding a serious buyer for our farm machinery wasn’t easy until we found your services. Thank you for the help.”

Leonor Hendon–Columbus, Ohio

Generators worth $9.71 million sold out in ONE DAY

"Our Generators worth $9.71 million were sold out in ONE DAY WITH NO STRESS. Everything was handled by Trade Exchange. So nice!"

Hedy Gobel–Fort Worth, Texas

Sold out Agrochemicals worth $429,000

"I am excited about the sale of our Agrochemicals worth $429,000. Beautiful experience!"

Milo Goudeau–Seattle, Washington

Fiber Optic Equipment worth $12.3 million sold out in 24 hours

"You guys are doing a very nice job here. All our Fiber Optic Equipment worth $12.3 million were sold out within 24 hours and I am excited to share the experience. Thanks."

Garnet Enciso–Denver, Colorado

Sold business in two days.

“We tried putting an ad in the newspaper before and got 10 replies but no sale. We placed it on businesses for sale websites, and got some enquiries after many weeks, [but] that still didn’t result in…any sales. We are thrilled to say we have finally sold our business after just TWO DAYS of implementing your methods. We are spreading the good word about your breakthrough service as the key to selling any business in two days or less!”



Close the sale of our business within two days.

“Thank you for a great service. We tried everything whether it was advertising in national papers, local papers, trade magazines or several websites online – but never got a serious buyer! Until we found you! Your service has the right formula that helped us close the sale of our business within two days!”



"I got heaps of queries and sold this just two days after the ad appeared, and it went unconditional today and fully paid!!"



“I listed yesterday afternoon and within a couple of hours one person contacted me, and this morning another just paid me. I am so excited; I wanted to share the good news with you–so well done…a great service for selling businesses.”



"With little or no results over a period of 14 months, I decided to advertise on the Net with several sites. I was getting frustrated with all the enquiries I was getting with zero serious buyers among them, until I heard about your service. After getting and using your work, I had 18 enquiries, four of which led to meetings, and one finally put in an excellent offer, which we accepted, all within five days! I highly recommend this service."



"What a great service! As a broker, I have been using the Internet more and more to do my business. I wasn’t sure how it would go with your service, though I decided to give it a try. Within days I received several enquiries–one was the guy who bought my client’s business. Thank you so much for your breakthrough advertising. I’d use your service again any day."



"I would like to let you know that we have sold our motel. The use of your service was instrumental in making the initial contact with the purchasers, and in the end we got the result we wanted. Thanks for your help. You offer great value for [the] money."



“I received about eight contacts in response to the advert you did for us. I got a couple from Singapore, Hong Kong, and one from England. The couple that bought the cattery and kennels came from Hong Kong. They were keen…We have successfully sold our business through your breakthrough service!”



"Thank you for your great service. I am amazed. Within days we found our buyer, and [we] had a contract within the week. The sale happened so quickly and didn’t cost mega-bucks: the perfect solution to selling our small food business. We are delighted to have found your service."



"You’ve done it again!!! Another business sold! [The] contract was signed today, and I collected my deposit as well. I will certainly use you when I need to sell another one of my businesses."


"I’ve just SOLD my business two days after getting and implementing your work, thanks [to] your breakthrough service. Interestingly, while the deal was closing, I had another three enquiries that I had to put on hold. I am very pleased with the result–thank you for the breakthrough service."



"I have sold my business site three days after using your work. After numerous enquiries from the US, Australia, UK and various parts of NZ, within 24 hours of using the ads and contacts you sent me, it was bought by some people three miles up the road! Thank you very much for all your assistance!"



"Thank you for taking me on as your client. On putting up our ad, we received 20 enquiries within 10 hours–and one of the prospects bought our business 24 hours later…so we have SOLD THE BUSINESS IN LESS THAN 48 HOURS! Prior to this, we had been advertising offline and online for six months without any sale."



"Hey, thank you! I’m the guy with the restaurant business for sale. Well, I have sold [it]–thanks to you! I feel so good, I may even go looking for another business to buy and resell using your service again."



"Great service–using your service got me heaps of enquiries and my buyer in less than the 48 hours you even promised! It was better than I expected. I’d recommend using your service to sell any business any day."



"For your records, we had 31 enquiries within two days of listing and sold to one of the prospects by the fifth day. I would highly recommend your service to any one wishing to sell their business, website, or franchise in less than one week."



"3389% increase in sales revenue just from one advert copy!"


"Blew out our phone lines with 7300% more leads…Best ad man I know! The ad Godwin wrote for us brought in 7300% more leads than we ever had from any advert in all our years in business. In fact, his campaign was so successful that our call centre couldn’t handle the leads, blowing out the phone lines, and creating a follow up backlog of five days. We now have to computerize our lead taking so as to keep up with the influx of calls. Without a doubt, Godwin King is the best advertising guy I’ve worked with."



"I got [a] 2,840% return on investment sales in just three weeks from just one advert…"



"Over 3,000% return on investment–selling to accountants…"



"This guy is THE best copywriter I have found in twenty years. Godwin King has proved to be not only a gifted and insightful copywriter who gets very impressive results, but also an astute businessman who delivers on his promises every single time...I highly recommend his services."



"Godwin King is to copywriting and marketing what Tiger Woods is to golf, or Donald Trump is to real estate!

I have never seen anyone write with such impact. He has an extraordinary way of capturing people’s attention through the written word. Godwin knows writing AND he knows marketing.

Most importantly, he is a man who can do exactly what he says he can do, do it exactly when he says he will–and do it with absolute integrity and honesty. If you want to make it BIG in business and sales, Dr. Godwin is your man. He has my highest recommendation."



*Note: Mr. McKinney has been endorsed by billionaires like Donald Trump and Rich DeVos.

... [H]is copy doesn’t just sell product, it sells MILLIONS of dollars of products.

"I’ve known and worked with Godwin for many years. Some of my best-selling products are as a result of Godwin’s 'amazing' sales copy. Undoubtedly, he is one of the world’s TOP copywriters. He has written copy for most of the top marketers in the world.

His reputation keeps him fully booked at around $7500 per letter (at that price, you have to be good!) As he has said to me on many occasions, ‘I’m a copywriter, that’s what I do…I write copy that sells product. I help people make their business successful.’ Sometimes I think he forgets that his copy doesn’t just sell product, it sells MILLIONS of dollars of products!"




"I had three houses up for sale for more than six months…After constant disappointment from real estate agents and thousands of dollars down the drain on advertising, nothing worked.

I hesitated when I was given your email and website because I was doubtful that anyone could sell my houses as quickly as I heard you claimed, but I eventually wrote you. You wrote me a fabulous eye-catching, exciting, punchy ad, and a marketing strategy to use and…guess what??? I sold my three houses two days later for the full asking price, and the response was huge–more than one hundred calls and still counting! I can’t thank you enough. If only I had called you six months ago!!!"



"On my own, I would never have responded to your advert, but thank God, my wife had enough risk-taking faith in your offer...I actually thought your offer was an outrageous lie and probably the biggest real estate scam around until I held that $3,879,000 check for my property, in my hand, within three days…according to your instruction. Thanks a million!"



"From one ad Godwin wrote, my business has doubled within three weeks. What a relief not to struggle with whom to pay or not to pay. My business suppliers now get paid early, and my personal spending has reduced. We are now saving and investing in our business. I am rapt! My wife is thrilled at our financial position, and I feel relieved at the enormity of stress from being in business after nineteen years; an ad can do so much. I highly recommend Godwin’s services."




"The ad Godwin wrote for us brought in 300% more leads. In fact, his campaign was so successful that our call centre couldn’t handle the leads, blowing out the phone lines, and creating a follow-up backlog of five days. We now have to computerize our lead taking so as to keep up with the influx of calls.

Without a doubt, Godwin is the best advertising guy I’ve worked with. I can’t wait to see the results when we roll out the campaign across the country."



"$117,251.23 in sales. One sales letter he wrote for me brought in $117,251.23! When I want my marketing to bring in huge $$$, I bring in Godwin."



“With little results over 14 months, I decided to advertise on the net with several sites. I was getting frustrated with the ratio of enquiries to zero serious buyers; until I heard about your service. After getting and using your work, I had 18 enquires, four of which lead to meetings, and one finally put in an excellent offer, which we accepted, all within 5 days! I highly recommend this service.”p>

-Steve - Wellington


2,840% RETURN ON INVESTMENT! $162,000 in Sales in Just Three Weeks

"I am a CEO of a rapidly growing business. I was worried that I would waste my money on the ideas of yet another 'pretend expert.' I decided to give Godwin a try. Almost instantly, I knew my marketing was in safe hands.

Just one of Godwin’s ideas brought in an extra $162,000 in sales in just three weeks. But best of all, they only cost me $5700 to implement. That’s a whopping 2,840% return on [my] investment! I highly recommend you use Godwin’s marketing brain if you want to turbocharge your sales and profits."




"Believe it or not, using Godwin’s direct response marketing strategies, we have seen a 150% improvement in the number of website inquires already, within 48 hours of implementation."


"...1 in 3 Prospects Are Becoming Clients ..."

"The response rate that I’m getting from the direct response letter you wrote is fantastic. One in three prospects are becoming clients."



$700,128 IN A FEW WEEKS

"One campaign Godwin worked on for me brought in over $700,128 in a few short weeks. If you want to turbocharge your sales and marketing, get him working on your business!"



$70,128 IN A FEW WEEKS!

"Godwin wrote an ad that tripled our client’s previous response rate. And just to show it was no fluke, he just did it again with another of our clients! Suffice [it] to say I am extremely happy with the outcome!"




"A three-step sales letter sequence Godwin wrote for me pulled in a response rate of 125% (which is extraordinary, considering I sell a $2,500 product). Suffice [it] to say I am extremely happy with the outcome!

Thus far, his copy has helped me bring in almost $250,000 in revenue--far exceeding my yearly goal! I couldn’t be happier. I have since hired him for more projects."



OVER 3,000% RETURN ON INVESTMENT -- Selling to Accountants

"I was a bit concerned when I received your letter because it was quite long, and I was marketing to accountants. But I could also see that it was extremely compelling, and since you had the runs on the board, I was happy to put it to the test. And I’m glad I did, because within two months after the mailout, I made an extra...$187,000 in revenue. As you have been telling me all the time: when something works, KEEP DOING IT! Thanks, Godwin."



“Over 3,000% Return On Investment – Selling To Accountants”

“I was a bit concerned when I received your letter because it was quite long and I was marketing to accountants. But I could also see that it was extremely compelling, and since you had the runs on the board I was happy to put it to the test. And I’m glad I did because within 2 months after the mail out I made an extra of $187,000 in revenue. As you have been telling me all the time: when something works, KEEP DOING IT! Thanks, Godwin”

Peter Johnson

Redman Partners

"Godwin’s copywriting is the best business investment you’ll ever make."

“We earned over $800,000 from one project Godwin was helping us with. We have used his services ever since. He has helped us with over a half dozen projects now. If you’re considering investing in copywriting, I highly recommended. It will be the best business expense you’ll ever invest. When it comes to marketing and advertising, listen to Godwin. It’s a lot of fun working with him. Take the chance – when you do, you’ll get a great response.”



"My sales increased by 500% within a month. It really works!"

"I had never used a professional direct mail copywriter before, and I was initially a little skeptical and concerned about wasting money on advertising that didn’t work. But when I ran the ads, the phones went off the hook. They generated over 500 leads and a total of $200,000 in sales so far (which I expect to double by the time we follow them up properly). I am glad I decided to go with your recommendation of five advertisements--and measuring their results--because one ad outpulled every other ad by 50%.

Quite frankly, I’m over the moon with the campaign, and most of all, [with] the fact that I have a system I can replicate to achieve results like this over and over again."



“Great service - using your service got me heaps of enquiries and my buyer in less than the 48 hours you even promised! It was better than I expected. I'd recommend using your service to sell any business any-day."

Mervin Karl

New York (Retail Food)


“Thanks to the letter you wrote, 140 people have registered for our seminar out of the 800 mailed. I was impressed with the unexpectedly high 17.5% response rate. As a result of [that] night, I received six new clients at $25,000 dollars that signed up with me right then and there! That’s $150,000 in sales! Not to mention what will come in the future with the additional exposure I received.”



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